Statement Regarding GM’s Non-Engagement in Any Business Relating to Virtual Currency in China

General Motors (China) Investment Company Limited ("GM China") was recently notified that there is a virtual currency called GMC circulating in China. There is a rumor that it is being issued by a subsidiary of General Motors. Anyone who wants to purchase virtual currency will be charged real money.

GM China hereby confirms that this is false. To prevent the conduct of illegal acts in the name of GM China, its parent company or affiliates, GM China hereby issues the following statements:

  • General Motors has never issued a virtual currency or been involved in a blockchain-related financial business in China;
  • General Motors has never established any subsidiaries named GMC, General Merciful, Ci Hang or “Ci Hang Group” globally;
  • General Motors has reported this illegal act to the competent authorities in China and will reserve the right to take legal actions against such act or other similar illegal acts

GM China calls on investors to be discreet and discerning in making investment decisions and protecting their lawful rights. If you notice any illegal or suspicious act conducted in the name of General Motors, GM China or GM, please report it through GM’s official website:


You may also scan the QR code below to leave a message.

Thank you for your support.

General Motors (China) Investment Company Limited
July 23 , 2019

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