As we transform our company for the future, we’ll keep delivering the very best vehicles and services to our customers, and we’ll keep seeing things not as they are, but as they can be. Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO

For several years, we have been transforming General Motors to win in the core automotive business and the future of personal mobility. The way we see it, we are not just transforming a company.

Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion

The company that 110 years ago began revolutionizing how people get around now sees another unique opportunity to change the world.

In a relatively short period of time, we have invested in autonomous vehicles, electrification and vehicle connectivity. These technologies have the potential to save lives, help create a better planet and save people a precious commodity: time.

In 2016, GM began changing the conversation about how a century-old company could reinvent itself. In a matter of months, the company unveiled the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the industry’s first affordable, long-range electric vehicle; acquired a stake in rideshare provider Lyft; acquired San Francisco-based startup Cruise Automation to accelerate GM’s efforts to develop and test the best autonomous vehicles; and launched its own car-sharing startup — Maven — to capitalize on the sharing and gig economies.

By the fall of 2017, it was time for the company to think bigger about the impact it could have on the world. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra announced a new vision: a future with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, and Zero Congestion.

In the meantime, the company’s investment in AV continues to advance. Within 18 months of the Cruise transaction, we developed four generations of AVs, including the first production-ready car with no steering wheel, pedals or manual controls. Testing continues on the challenging streets of San Francisco, and at the current rate of development continues, we expect to commercially deploy safe, self-driving vehicles in a dense urban environment this year.

Our approach to AV development also received two major votes of confidence last year. SoftBank — the world’s largest tech investor — invested $2.25 billion in GM Cruise. Honda followed with a $750 million investment to jointly develop a new, purpose-built AV.

We believe these investments reflect third parties’ confidence in our autonomous vehicles, related technologies, leadership and capabilities. And the company’s momentum is not confined to autonomous vehicles.

In a market still dominated by engine-powered vehicles, General Motors is committed to an all-electric future. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is just a start, as the company prepares to launch a number of all-electric models in the next several years.

General Motors has re-engineered itself and is entering 2019 as a stronger company, while acknowledging that transformation is a continuous process.

The team is repositioning a 110-year-old company from one of massive scale, industrial might and market coverage into a nimble, technology-driven mobility company intent on reinventing personal transportation as we know it. All with the vision of creating a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion.


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